Experiencing a concert with Will Play For Food is like being invited into the bands own living room.
The stories about common people and their dreams, problems, ups and downs, are set in the cosy and intimate atmosphere created by the band.

The songs can inspire reflection with their comforting sound and lyrics, relatable to most people. Even the most desperate situation can trigger some hope and optimism, and hopefully that can give some perspective.

Will Play For Food was formed in Aalborg in the fall of 2013. In the interaction between the five musicians and with the inspiration from genres as country, bluegrass, pop and blues, the band has created their own unique style.

Line Up:

Signe Højmark Thaarup - Vokal

Stellan Højmark Thaarup - Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, Lapsteel, Pedalsteel.

Steffen Frithjof Thomsen - Guitar, Lapsteel

Rasmus Wogelius - Trommer